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Introducing the simply delicious way to do Paleo or Keto.


Want to make it easier to stick to your Paleo or Keto diet? Start with meals that are easier to prepare, easier to clean up, and absolutely delicious.
Done in One makes sticking to your diet easier because it makes preparing Keto or Paleo meals easier. Done in One is the answer for every dieter looking to simplify food prep and cleanup, without sacrificing taste or nutrition.
The fact is, starting and sticking to a new diet can be difficult. Done in One was developed to help make it easier. It starts with easily accessible ingredients and a smorgasbord of internationally inspired recipes. And each recipe limits carbs to keep you on your Paleo or Keto diet.

You will receive "Done in One" in digital format (PDF)







After working all day I rarely have the time or energy to make something for dinner—let alone something that requires a bunch of steps and leads to a big cleanup job afterwards.

I hate having to use one pan to cook my protein, and another pan or two to cook up my veggies or sides, leaving me with a stovetop and sink full of dishes. Not to mention the difficulty of having to orchestrate each item to ensure that they're all done at the same time.

I developed Done in One because I believed that there had to be an easier way to prepare delicious, nutritious Keto or Paleo meals.




The fact is, when you're trying to stick to a "diet" or a new way of eating, you want to be excited about the food you make and eat. You want to look forward to cooking recipes that will not only satisfy your palate, but will also help you reach your goal. When a recipe is too complex or requires a lot of work, you're less likely to attempt it. Even worse, you might be turned off by the complexity of the recipe and perhaps eat something you're not supposed to.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I felt overwhelmed by the cooking process in most recipes. After a long day, the last thing I wanted to do is pull out a cabinet full of pots and pans and spend the rest of the evening slaving over the stove. Even on the weekends, the thought of all the dishes I would need to clean up was enough for me to shy away from cooking.

Even worse, I was bored with the same old ingredients and recipes. I wasn't looking forward to making anything because after all of the work of preparing a meal, I’d be sitting down to something I just wasn’t that excited about eating.




Since I wasn’t going to give up on my diet (or eating!) it was time to cook up a solution. I started by experimenting with different recipe combinations. I took some of my favorite protein sources and married them with a variety of ultra low-carb veggies, sauces, herbs and spices so I could have a complete meal all in one dish. I transformed some old classics, even a few recipes that I grew up eating, into a single recipe that would leave me feeling satisfied.

Not only does this one pot approach make for an easy cleanup, it also makes for amazing leftovers and easy take-to-work meals. Talk about easy planning and prep!

Done in One makes the job of preparing meals a whole lot easier. It cuts the complexity of cooking down to the simplified preparation of ingredients that won’t leave your kitchen a mess at the end. You can tailor each recipe to feed yourself or double or even triple up the recipe and have food for the whole week! If you hate spending a lot of time in the kitchen you’re going to love how these easy these recipes make it to throw together a delicious meal.

You will receive "Done in One" in digital format (PDF)


What people are saying about
Done in One.


I'm a mother of three and work a full-time job, so you can imagine how little time I have to cook dinner at the end of a crazy day. It's even harder when I'm trying to reach my health and fitness goals. Knowing that I can cook simple meals that not only help me stick with my nutrition, but that also satisfy the rest of my family is huge. These recipes give me something to look forward to and I know I can whip up something reasonably quick, without my kitchen being a disaster at the end. Keep them coming!
- Melissa J. - Age 37, Accountant, wife and full-time mother of three
These recipes make me feel like I can cook! Being a young single man, I always reach for the quickest, most basic recipes that I know I can't screw up. But I was getting really tired of the same old meat and veggies. I felt bold one day, tried one of your recipes and wow! The instructions were really easy to follow and the final product not only looked great on the plate, but it tasted amazing. I almost couldn't believe that I had made it! Thanks for creating recipes that anyone can make!
- Jonathon L. - Age 29, Grad student, personal trainer and power-lifter
The best part of these recipes is that I never feel like I'm "dieting." I can make elegant looking meals in little to no time, with minimal cleanup at the end. Plus I just love the variety of meats and protein sources you use, which makes it fun to try recipes! I never knew how much I liked fish!
- Sarah P. - Age 32, Interior Designer
Finally, a cookbook that doesn't require fancy cooking gadgets or hard-to-find ingredients! I can get everything I need at the beginning of the week and am able to cook up delicious recipes every night in such a short amount of time. Plus, there's nothing better than finishing dinner and knowing that I only have to clean one pot! Makes me wonder how I ever used to cook with so many different pots and pans.
- Jasmine B. - Age 43, Sales Manager
I'm a college student and have a tiny kitchen that I share with my roommates. We only have the basics for cooking, so when I saw your book I was so excited! I just started training for my first power-lifting competition and I want to drop some weight, without eating the same boring food every day. I love that I can cook delicious food without all the hassle. Your recipes have saved me!! Thank you!!
- Susanna T. - Age 26, College student and novice power-lifter
What a great idea! I'm always complaining about the cleanup after cooking. I mean, who doesn't? Especially when my wife does the cooking and I do the dishes. So when I saw your book I told my wife that this could be a win-win for both of us! Now we can stay on track with our nutrition, she's happy with the meals she makes and I'm not stuck cleaning up all night. The variety is awesome and we never feel like we're "dieting."
- Peter and Joanna G. - Ages 45 and 41, Small Business Owners




Alex Navarro


Former Miss Natural Fitness Olympia Alex Navarro is an internationally renowned personal trainer, professional figure competitor, and ultra-low carb nutrition programming specialist. Her recipes, along with sound workout programming and nutritional planning, have helped thousands of clients reach their fitness goals.
Mary J. Gines


San Francisco native Mary J. Gines earned a BFA in digital media from San Jose State University and a Master’s Cert. in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco. As a former national-level NPC bikini competitor and professional model, her combination of creativity and technical expertise and understanding of fit living make her the ideal collaborator.

You will receive "Done in One" in digital format (PDF)