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Coconut Cream Pie.

Think going ultra-low carb means giving up dessert? Well dessert is back thanks to Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb TM Desserts. With over 30 desserts transformed to fit into your ultra-low carb diet, Transforming Recipes tells you everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying true to your ultra low carb diet.

Transforming Recipes walks you through everything you'll need to once again enjoy your favorite desserts. You’ll learn the ingredients you’ll need—and even where to find them. You’ll also learn critical how-to’s, from hand-blending ice cream to making a killer pie crust. And of course, you’ll find over 30 in depth recipes complete with full-color photos. Everything from pies and crepes to ice creams, puddings, cookies and more! Dig in the ultra-low carb way with Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb TM Desserts.

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A delicious introduction to the ULC lifestyle.

One of the biggest problems with eating low or Ultra-Low Carb TM is that it means dessert is out of the question. I found that there simply weren’t any good dessert options that are both delicious and low in carbs. Sure there are sugar-free products—but these can be misleading about their carb content and more often than not contain ingredients that trigger an insulin spike. I was also wary of products that claimed to be low-carb or sugar-free because most are loaded with unknown ingredients. Sometimes you just want to eat something sweet without worrying about it messing up your diet—and your health!

I felt hopeless thinking there weren't any good options for low-carb desserts and therefore no way to feed my sweet tooth without throwing me out ketosis. Sweet cravings are hard to fight and I knew the guilt I would feel if I allowed myself to eat traditional high carb desserts. It was constant battle between wanting to eat deserts that tasted good and wanting to look good.

If at first you don’t succeed, pie, pie again.

Since I couldn’t find anything that satisfied both my taste buds and my desire to cut carbs, I decided to try making my own ultra-low carb desserts. By experimenting with the safe, low-carb ingredients that I had in my kitchen—and plenty of trial and error—I was thrilled to discover a handful of recipes that actually tasted just as delicious as traditional desserts. Using my newfound dessert expertise, I was amazed by how many recipes I was able to turn into low-carb, sugar-free versions without sacrificing flavor or texture! I transformed my favorite desserts—cakes, pies, ice cream and cookies—into Ultra-Low Carb TM (ULC) versions that can be gobbled up without the guilt.

After plenty of taste testing (good thing they’re low carb!), I was convinced. But the true test was making these ULC desserts for people who love traditional desserts and not tell them.

The proof is in the pudding - and the crème brulee.

My family can be tough. They know my penchant for low-carb concoctions, so they’re always a little wary when I serve them something new. And if it doesn’t pass muster, believe me—they let me know!

So I was a little nervous when I brought my chai crème brulee to a recent family get together. Let’s just say that if they did suspect anything, they didn’t manage to say so. They were too busy stuffing their faces with my crème brulee! When you can serve a dessert at a family function and no one realizes it's low-carb and sugar-free, you know you’ve got a winner.

Easy on the waistline. Easy to make.

These recipes will satisfy your sweet-tooth fix without wrecking your waistline or spiking insulin. They use simple ingredients that most people on a low-carb diet will already have in their kitchen. And prep time is easy. You can keep it as simple or get as involved as you'd like and you'll still end up with a sweet treat that even non-ULC dieters will enjoy.

Life is too short to deprive yourself of delicious desserts!

Order your copy of Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb TM Desserts, today!

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Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb TM Desserts includes:

Over 30 recipes
under 10 grams usable carbs per serving

Step-by-step instructions
with full color photos

Gluten-free - Sugar-free - Paleo-friendly - Keto-aproved

Index by carb count
makes finding the perfect recipe easy!

Desserts for every occasion!
Makes something small for one or whip up a whole pie for a special occasion!

Easy to read nutritional charts
so you know what you're getting with every bite.

Jill H.
“I was really hesitant to try the Puppy Chow, but wow! I was more than satisfied and accidentally ate it all! The peanut butter and the crunchiness gives me everything I could want from a chocolaty snack and I even add a little sea salt for some salty-sweetness!”

Aaron A.
“The Chocolate Layered Treats are outstanding and a delicious way to solve my chocolate addiction. Also, a great way to get my coconut oil for the day. Also, a great way to keep you "regular" depending on your tolerance to MCT :)”

Danielle T.
“When my sugar-cravings hit and Carb Nite is still a few days away I whip up a batch of the Butter Cookies or the Chocolate Mug Cake for an easy treat without that guilt. Before I discovered these desserts I would constantly fall off the Ultra-Low Carb TM wagon. I figured I was doomed to fail, but then I tired some of these desserts and they solved my biggest obstacle!”

Molly Strong
“I've been using Carb Nite for over two years now and it's so great to have these ULC resources at my finger tips! The desserts are delicious, easy to make and even my non-Carb Nite friends have tried them and liked them! This book is awesome for those moments when Carb Nite seems really far away, and you just need a little sweetness after dinner. And the carb-count is easy to find. They are also great for parties, when the rest of your friends are having carb-y desserts - you can bring your own ULC version! I've made the pumpkin pie, chocolate peanut butter treats and butter cookies and I can't wait to try the rest!”

Kerry Thuett
“Oh my gracious! I made vanilla ice cream last night. Ate it all. Then made a second batch of chocolate. Ate it all. This ice cream is fantastic and I no longer have to resort to the high-carb processed non-sense at the grocery store. Thank you Alex and Mary!”

About the Authors

Former Miss Natural Fitness Olympia Alex Navarro is an internationally renowned personal trainer, professional figure competitor, and ultra-low carb nutrition programming specialist. Her recipes, along with sound workout programming and nutritional planning, have helped thousands of clients reach their fitness goals.
San Francisco native Mary J. Gines earned a BFA in digital media from San Jose State University and a Master’s Cert. in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco. As a former national-level NPC bikini competitor and professional model, her combination of creativity and technical expertise and understanding of fit living made her the perfect choice to collaborate on this project.

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